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Our Hardware

We can only recommend tried and tested hardware. We are working close with a number of Hardware Suppliers that are willing to provide test units.

We therefore recommend that you utilise recommended hardware.

With the constant change in Hardware specifications, it is difficult to know which brand names to use. If you establish a close working relationship with your Bizzfo Business Partner, they will guide you to make the right decisions.

It is our aim to move away from “old school” devices, and bring you and your business into the 4th Industrial Revolution – seamlessly.

We therefore keep a close relationship with our Clients, and keep you updated regularly with new technology and devices that will make your life easier.

Main benefits

  • We moved away from 32Bit technology, and recommend Microsoft Windows (TM) 64Bit operating systems.
  • Older Hardware can be used, so contact us if you are unsure if your equipment will make the grade.
  • We also integrate with Biometric Fingerprint readers and Tereoka Weighing Scales.
  • On-Line e-Commerce stores in the form of our Bizzfo Mall is also a reality. You can therefore sell your products on-line.
  • FREE backups to The Hive means that you don’t pay anything extra to have your data secured.

Recommended Peripherals

Point of Sale Peripherals

  • Pole display
  • Cash drawer
  • Scanners
  • Touch screen
  • Slip Printers

Integrated Payment System

  • Secure online payment
  • Credit Card
  • EFT
  • Bitcoin
  • Other
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