Duration:4 Days4 Weeks, twice a week for 90 minutes9 Courses - at your own pace
Price:R 4 800.00 per delegateR 4 200.00 per delegateR 800.00 per course
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Installation Videos


Point of Sale Update

Hive Synchronization

Create a Hive Account


Setup Videos


Time & Attendance

Device Setup & Sync

Kitchen & Bar Printers


Inventory Videos


Set Stock Quantities

Link to Suppliers

Stock Adjustments

Bizzfo Move Stock

Change Description

Inventory Control

GRV Move Stock

Stock Take Sheet

Track Item Loss

Import and Export

Price Groupings

Stock Take Sheet


Processing Videos


Refund in POS

Customer Loyalty

Client Notes

Tips Report


The Hive Videos


GRV add Expenses

Export/Import Stock

Hive Branch Invoice